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Your marketing message needs some special appeal to get potential buyers interested.  Having gone through the finest training in the industry, I believe I can give your website that special appeal… or that brochure… or that sales letter – especially that special web page you use to sell your products and services on the Internet.

Advertorials – a newer addition to the sales process, has recently become popular.  This component is in line between an email or web page link and the actual sales letter page (with the “Order Today” link or button near the bottom).  It was found that adding this bit of literature has greatly increased sales compared to linking directly to the sales page.

What is an advertorial?  An advertorial is a short article – either some useful information or a story that does not read like a sales letter.  These documents are short.  They can be from half a page of writing to occasionally more than two pages long.  There is a sense of benefit from just reading an advertorial.  Only a brief mention of the solution (product) is made in the middle or towards the end of the advertorial, with a “for more information…” link to the sales letter.

The Advantage of an Advertorial is that the reader comes to the sales letter primed, or in a higher state of awareness.  The actual sales letter need not have an extensive lead since the reader will be more easily engaged.  The efforts in writing the sales letter will be more on making credible claims of benefit and clearly stating the offer.

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