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Another Advantage of “Socialized Medicine”

Made Possible by Recent Advances

in Information Technology

By Francis M. Ardi

There has been a lot of debate and discussion about Socialized Medicine over the past few decades.  It is a plan to make health care available to everybody, especially those who cannot afford health insurance as it is known in the United States.  It also offers another advantage.Since socialized medicine is a program administered by the government, all health service providers are parts of a single entity – the Department of Health.  In the United Kingdom, it is the National Health Service. Various departments of the health service can be linked together by a patient information system accessible by any provider in the nation’s healthcare system.

After the fall of communism, it is now more politically correct to refer to socialized medicine as “universal health care”.  It more clearly defines the purpose of providing health care to all citizens of a nation regardless of an individual’s economic situation.

It’s All About Universal Access

to Patient Information

Not only does Universal Health Care assure uniform quality health care to all citizens of a nation, it also allows for better distribution of patient information all across the country and in all specialties.   Easy access to patient information is paramount to efficient and effective health care for all citizens.

In the United States, every health care service provider establishment seems to be its own entity. There are systems, but are usually limited to a city or metro area.

When you go from one provider to another as a new patient, it’s like starting over again.

The doctor has to take a complete history and physical, a time-consuming task.

Then there is transfer of records, x-rays, EKGs, etc.  This often requires a release form signed by the patient.  A lot of trouble before the physician would have a clear picture of the patient’s state of health.

With advances in information systems, particularly the internet, it is possible to readily access an individual’s health information based on an identity number or database key.  In the United States this could be the patient’s Social Security number.  Alternatively, the patient’s full name and date of birth could be used as the access key.  These can be found on a driver’s license or government issued ID.

Even if a patient is brought in unconscious.

An emergency room far from home would be able to check your records about your current health problems.  A physician can find out what medications you are currently taking so as to avoid a dangerous drug interaction when prescribing medications.  Even if a patient is brought to the ER unconscious the physician would have access to background information on that person’s health problems.

A doctor would already know the history of the patient before actually seeing the patient, having quickly read the data on each patient on the appointment list.  Any talk would be about the patient’s current condition.  Doctors would spend less time with each patient and still offer full benefits of service.

More patients could be seen in a given day.  This would make the best use of health care personnel and facilities.

Even Non-Literal Data

like X-Rays and EKGs

Not only written text but other forms of patient’s information can be stored, transmitted and retrieved.  Among these are photographs, like that of your retina (optomap) and photos taken during a colonoscopy.

There are also digital x-rays and electrocardio- grams (EKGs) which can be stored on a hard drive or attached to email messages.  All these are accessible through the patient’s database identifier.  Dental x-rays would be available to any dentist a patient sees.

A doctor would want to look at

past EKGs for comparison.

A doctor sees someone with chest pain and suspects a myocardial infarction. He orders an electrocardiogram. He might not see anything significant on the one just taken in the ER.

The doctor might then want to see a past EKG he can compare with. The patient’s previous EKGs can be accessed from the database

A Centralized Data Base Would Also

Be More Convenient for Patients

No longer would a patient going to a new doctor in a new city have to fill out a form listing all the chronic conditions and medications and past illnesses and surgeries because the doctor would have looked up this information before actually seeing the patient.

If you were ever a new patient at a doctor’s office you know how lengthy and complex such forms can be.

A patient would not need to carry a list of prescriptions when traveling out of town in case she urgently needs to see a doctor.

Yes, having a nationwide patient health information system on the Internet would make providing care much more effective and efficient.  It could also help doctors avoid errors and omissions.

Could the United States have such a system?

In a country with a national health service, this would simply be a matter of the government setting up a network of database servers connected to the Internet.  Access would be restricted to licensed health care providers.

However in a country like the United States, where health care is a business, who would pay for and administer such a health care information system?

Would it be a business that would offer a subscription service to all health care providers and insurers?

Such a system would be expensive to set up and maintain. There would be a need for multiple locations containing the same databases in case a server stops working.

All data entered would be copied to all locations. Should one server fail, there would be no loss of data or function as far as clinics having access to patient information.

Makes for Best Use of Resources

Another advantage of a universal database is hospitals and medical offices need not have roomfuls of paperwork taking up expensive square footage of office space.

It will also be time saving in retrieving patient information, not to mention lots of paper.

In conclusion, regardless of socialized medicine or private care, centralized patient information accessibility would make providing health care more efficient and cost effective, and in some cases improve the probability of saving someone’s life.

Why Outsource?

Why it is better to outsource white paper writing tasks.

A typical job listing for an engineer stated as part of the duties of the position;

“developing white papers”.  Yes it’s true an engineer knows all the advantages the company’s latest developments better than any outsider could.

The problem is that considering what engineers are paid, they should focus their time and efforts on tasks only a degreed engineer can perform.

Writing is not one of them – any more than answering the phone and taking messages.  Especially when it comes to writing white papers

Writing white papers is a skill in itself.  Even most copywriters are not familiar with

the proper composition of an effective white paper.

The Role of the Engineer

Though the actual writing and layout of a white paper is best left to a specialized writer for white papers.  An engineer would analyze a white paper for its accuracy.

After the initial draft of the white paper is written, the engineer will read the draft for accuracy and advise the writer of changes to be made.  The first draft of a white paper is best presented as a Word document.  This way the engineer can write changes right onto the document and return it to the writer.

The writer will make any changes and corrections indicated by the engineer.  The result would be a white paper that is both accurate and effective – without the engineer having to take time away from important project work save from editing the work of the white paper writer.

White Paper Essentials

White papers have a specific if not unique composition and format among the various forms of marketing communications materials.  Most copywriters and even technical writers might not be familiar with how white papers are written.

The title basically states the generic solution to the problem.  The first few paragraphs define and explain the problems faced by businesses served by the solution provider and its products/services.

The text then transitions into the generic solution to the problem.  Here the writer explains “the science behind the solution” in a way meaningful to the customer without appearing overly sales-like.  No mention of the company or the product up to this stage.  This is where the solution starts to make sense to the customer.

Only on the last page or two is there mention of the product and company.  Explaining the solution in generic terms lays the groundwork for generating interest in a specific, company solution.  The paper ends with providing contact information of the company’s sales department.

Another Advantage of Outsourcing

Some white paper writers do their own formatting using one of the various desktop publishing applications like Microsoft Publisher and Quark Express.  This allows for a white paper having a more professional appearance.

This also allows for alternatives to the single-column, letter format document. Among the more popular is the Auxiliary column format.  This is a narrow column to the left of the main text column where photos, graphics and pull quotes can be added.

A White Paper that Communicates Better

Even a technical writer, one accustomed to writing user manuals or even articles for trade publications might not produce the most effective white paper.  There may be excessive technical language and jargon, making the paper difficult to understand.  Good white papers explain complex technological solution in a manner the customer can understand in terms of more effective business operations.

Making Best Use of Time

Besides having a well-written, professional looking white paper, the time of the engineering professionals will be better utilized.  Anybody with no experience in writing white papers might take too much time organizing and writing and re-writing and finally laying out the paper, adding illustrations and preparing the white paper for distribution.

Papers written by in-house personnel usually take twice as long as those outsourced to experienced business writers.  And you’ll be better assured your paper will communicate your ideas in a way that is meaningful to your customer.

Just make sure whoever you consider hiring presents samples of work.



One Solution for the problem of Homeless People

At one time, I considered becoming a truck driver.  I went to a hiring event in a hotel in Austin, Texas.  This was a trucking company specializing in refrigerated transport.

The company had its own training program to prepare new drivers  to obtain their commercial driver’s licences (CDL).

If you are willing to commit to working one full year for this company after completing training, your training will be provided free of charge.

You will also receive room and board and even a bus ticket to the driving school.

Seemed like a good deal.  But then I learned that new drivers would be on the road for three weeks.  There would be one day home time for each week of driving.  This means you would be getting three days off between delivery runs.

I would be away from home so long, how would I get my mail? (I don’t have a wife) I would need to pack plenty of clothes.

I wonder what it would be like sleeping in that sleeper cabin you see on most eighteen wheelers on the Interstate.

As much as I love to travel and see new places, I couldn’t imagine myself being away from home for so long a time on a regular basis.

Something then occured to me as I stopped at a red light and saw a homeless man holding a cardboard sign, standing next to his backpack and sleeping bag.

Being a truck driver would be ideal for someone who is homeless.

All such a person would need to do is contact any of the trucking companies that provide driver training. There would be a free bus ticket away from the homeless shelter.  And a free hotel room (shared with two other students) at a nearby Day’s Inn. Even meals would be provided during the two-week CDL training course.

And he would be guaranteed a job upon passing the CDL exam.

The price would be to be committed to a one-year or eighteen month period of work for the company sponsoring the training. Not bad, everything considered.

And so what if he only gets three days “home time” a month?

He has no home.  He could stay in a nice motel those three days off, sleeping in an honest to goodness king sized bed.

And I’ll bet even the sleeper cabin will be a lot more comfortable than even the homeless shelter, let alone under a bridge or picnic table at a park.

He’ll be able to buy new clothes, get a shave and a haircut, have his teeth fixed, and join the middle class.

He’ll also be a new taxpayer.  After all, the only acceptable form of tax increase is an increase in the number of taxpayers.

And since truck drivers earn as much as college grads, a homeless person can save up a lot of money, being he has no home expenses like mortgage, insurance, maintenance, property tax, etc.

This might be useful should someone decide he no longer wants to be a truck driver and pursue a career where you come home every night.

Since there always seems to be a shortage of truck drivers, partly due to the attrition rate, this would be a good way to take some of the able-bodied and sound-minded homeless people off the streets.




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