Autoresponder Series

Example of an Autoresponder Series of Emails

Below is a schematic diagram of an autoresponder email marketing sequence.

Typical Autoresponder Marketing Sequence

Typical Autoresponder Marketing Sequence

Initiating Action:  Prospect enters name and email address on the form on the opt-in page (or squeeze page) and clicks on the submit button.  The link to the free ebook is sent to prospect by email while at the same time the sales page (landing page) for the product for sale, i.e. the diabetes destroyer program, is displayed.

See squeeze page example in Copywriting Services item “Sales Letters/Landing Pages.”

On the very top of the sales page a brief note stating “Your ebook will be arriving shortly by email.  In the meantime, check out this fantastic new program.” This is followed by the headline for the Diabetes Destroyer Program.

Email Message Series

First Message:  sent immediately upon clicking the form submit button on squeeze page.


Subject:  Download your ebook on Diabetic Food Choices

Hi [firstname],

Thank you for requesting your ebook about making the right food choices for Type 2 Diabetes.

This shows you value good health and that you’re well aware of the consequences of poorly controlled diabetes.  Here’s the link:

Click here to download your ebook on Diabetic Food Choices

You will soon be receiving additional information on better managing diabetes.

To your health,

Francis Ardi

_______________________ End of Message  1 __________________________

Second Message:  sent two days later.


 Subject:  Choosing the best cereal for Breakfast

Greetings [firstname],

I hope you had a chance to look at the ebook you got a couple days ago.

Have you tried to find the best cereal for breakfast?  Which one are you eating now?

Most diabetics test three times a day.  Type 1 diabetics test more often since the pancreas produces NO insulin.  Even in all individuals it is normal for blood sugar to spike over 200mg/dl. about ½ to ¾ hour after you finish eating. Especially after a large meal or one rich in carbs (like spaghetti) or with cake or pie for dessert.  But two hours later, blood sugar falls to under 120mg/dl in normal individuals.

Not so in Type 2 Diabetes and in Type 1, it doesn’t fall at all unless you take insulin after eating.  Most diabetics on insulin take their first shot of the day is just after eating breakfast.

What brand and type of cereal are you now having for breakfast?  How much has your blood sugar gone up this morning, assuming you’ve read this?  If not, try tomorrow.

Also go out and buy another brand of cereal.  If yours is a “popular brand” buy a healthy brand of a plain cereal manufactured by a well-known, health foods company.  Sprinkle some Splenda or a little stevia powder if you want it sweet.  Then test you blood sugar ¾ hour after eating.

Until next time,

Francis Ardi

P.S.  Did you know that Type 2 Diabetes is reversible? In other words. Curable?

Read this report based on a study at Newcastle Univeristy.

_______________________ End of Message  2 __________________________

Third Message:  sent three days later.


Subject:  More about choosing a cereal.

Hi [firstname],

Have you compared cereals yet?

As you might have read, all cereals you find in a typical supermarket contain sugar.  Look at the labels of even plain cereals like Wheaties, Cheerios and All Bran.  I have yet to see one box of cereal that doesn’t have the word “Sugar” in the ingredients list.

Given this fact, you have to experiment.  Eat a bowl of your usual cereal.  Then test your blood sugar after half-an-hour after you finish eating breakfast.  If it’s a “plain cereal” try some sweetened cereal tomorrow (like granola or frosted flakes).  See how much more your blood sugar “spikes.”  Then test two hours later.  It should have gone down, especially if you’ve taken insulin.

One word of caution:  Don’t drink any juice.  Fruit juices contain sugar and would invalidate your cereals test.   If you must, wait until after you’ve done your second blood test ¾ hour after eating cereal.

BTW did you read the page following the page you used to get your free ebook? It’s about a way you can rid yourself of your diabetes once and for all. Just think, no more need to worry about insulin pens on your next trip.

Click Here for more info.

Until next time,

Francis Ardi

_______________________ End of Message  3 __________________________

Fourth Message:  sent five days later.


Subject:  Let’s do lunch.  How about a burger and fries?

Hi [firstname],

Not so fast.

Although a hamburger provides protein, the bun is usually a highly refined wheat flour that is rapidly broken down to sugars.  Fat content may vary but is usually high.  Find the burger that does not appear of taste fatty.  Grass fed meat is best, as are whole grain buns.

French fries are a poor nutrition value.  They are not a good source of fiber, let alone micronutrients.

Potatoes cooked other ways, like baked, are better.  They provide potassium and other electrolytes and are not calorie dense.

Chicken?  Avoid fried chicken, especially wings and thighs.  All parts of a chicken are better roasted or grilled.  Peel off the skin of chicken parts before eating.

Canned Tuna is one of the better choices.  Accompany with a salad, celery and high fiber breads.

Scandinavian crispbreads (Wasa Brand) are excellent, as are blue corn tortilla chips.

Fresh fruits are the best for dessert.  Though sweet, have much less sugar than man-made dessert items.

It is also good to eat Greek Yogurt or Cottage Cheese as a main protein two or three times a week for lunch. Especially when you’re trying to lose weight.

To your health,

Francis Ardi

P.S.  Read this report on how you can cure diabetes based on a study at Newcastle University.  Then do your due diligence.

_______________________ End of Message  4 __________________________

Fifth Message:  sent five days after previous message in series.


 Subject:  Do you like to eat pasta?

Hi [firstname],

Do you like Pasta but felt you had to give it up because of you are diabetic?

Yes it’s true. A plate of pasta is a big carbohydrate load.  Your blood sugar will be elevated

For more than two hours if you have type 2 diabetes.  It is best you limit your portion of spaghetti to 70 grams or less.

You might want to try whole wheat or corn pasta.  You could experiment by testing blood sugar after eating, much like you might have done with cereals.

Start your meal with a garden salad.  Lettuce, spinach, watercress and other vegetables basic, add fruit items like tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers.  Pickled items like olives and peppers are also fine additions.

Avoid beans, chick peas or croutons.  The idea behind a salad is to fill your stomach with something calorie-light as well as provide phytonutrients and minerals.  Vinaigrette dressings are best (like Italian).

To your health,

Francis Ardi

_______________________ End of Message  5__________________________

Sixth Message:  sent five days after previous message in series.



Subject:  Insulin pens are such a pain when you travel…

Hi [firstname],

A couple months ago I went on a flight out of town.  Taking my insulin pens

Was a real hassle.  I put them in a Styrofoam soda cup with some ice. Fortunately I had no trouble at the security checkpoint,  the biggest challenge was keeping the cup upright so the melted ice would not spill out.

The ice was barely enough to keep the pens cool until I got to my hotel. During the flight, I saved the ice from the beverage service for my cup with the insulin pens.

What a hassle.

Shortly after returning home I stumbled upon this program to reverse type 2 diabetes.  As unbelievable as it was, it was worth looking into.

For one thing, it would be nice not to bother with insulin pens next time I take an airplane trip somewhere, hoping my hotel room will have a mini-fridge.

Second, these insulin pens are costly, even with my prescription drug coverage.  As is Invokana (this new pill that lets you excrete extra sugar in the urine).

I did my due diligence, Googled Dr. Roy Taylor’s study on how gastric bypass patients were cured of their type 2 diabetes, and ordered the program.

Yes it is a form of a diet which you need to stick to, especially the first ten days,

But it’s worth it.  Just think, no more expense and hassle of insulin pens.

To find out if Diabetes Destroyer makes sense, just click here.

To your health,

Francis Ardi

________________________ End of Message  6 _________________________

Seventh (and last) Message:  sent five days after previous message in series.


Subject:  Have you decided about your future with diabetes?

Hi [firstname],

I hope you’ve managed your diabetes well. Have you finally gotten the hang of your food choices? Are you charting your blood sugars?  What do they tell you?

But most important:

Will you continue to be one of Big Pharma’s cash cows?

I’ve been looked after by three different doctors and not one has even suggested that type 2 diabetes if curable or reversible.

People on standard medical treatment for diabetes will not get better. If anything, they’ll gradually get worse.  From oral meds to insulin to insulin plus Invokana…

Eventually diabetics will develop so-called diabetic nerve pain, for which there is Lyrica…

More money spent on drugs. Then who knows?

Do you really want to become one of the long-term statistics? Or would you rather make every effort to cure yourself of this costly and potentially debilitating illness?

Do your due diligence.  Read up on Dr. Roy Taylor’s study of patients who had gastric bypass surgery at Newcastle University.  How many of them were cured of Type 2 Diabetes.

Then Click Here for details and how to get started on the Diabetes Destroyer program.

Best of health,

Francis Ardi – former diabetes patient.



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