Email Marketing Copy

These are basically emails used for marketing operations. These include advertising emails sent out to a list of prospects.

Such emails include:

Email Solo Ads where the entire message is like a sales letter.These have a link to an order form and many are in html format, containing graphics.

Pre-Sale Announcements – short messages, usually all above the fold (no need to scroll) sent out to a house list.  These have a link to a landing page.

Space ads and Sandwich Ads – one-paragraph segments inserted in newsletters with the sales letter’s content above and below, hence the term “sandwich ads.” These have links to landing pages or squeeze pages – the latter for building lists from by taking names from newsletter subscribers.

Autoresponder Series – a series of emails sent to a recipient who entered his name and email address on a squeeze page.  These messages are designed to provide the recipientnumerous opportunities to purchase a product from an internet marketer.

Newsletters – periodic announcements of special deals or useful information sent on a regular basis (weekly, every Tuesday and Friday, etc) to someone who entered name and email on a squeeze page.  Unlike an autoresponder series this is not an individualized series of emails but a regular series where the current issue is sent to all on the list no matter when they subscribed (gave their name and contact info).

This email marketing system is popular with travel and tourism operators as well as the health and wellness industry.

Below is an Action Diagram of a Typical Autoresponder Sequence System

Typical Autoresponder Marketing Sequence

Ideally a link to the selling page should be included in all messages in the sequence except for the first page since the landing page is displayed immediately after the prospect enters name and email address.  Click on link to read the actual emails to be sent in the sequence.  Sample Autoresponder Sequence

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