For Information Marketers

I, Francis Ardi, have completed the special training program developed by Dan Kennedy on copywriting for information marketers.  I therefore am able to cater to the special needs of this marketing business.

Marketing Operations Requiring Copy

Lead Generation:  A specialized landing page, or “squeeze page” offering free information as an ebook or special report in return for the prospect entering name and contact information using a web page form at the bottom of page.
It also includes a welcome page, an email message and a download page from where the prospective customer downloads the free information.

Lead Nurturing:  This is an series of emails sent to the prospect on an individual schedule (for each name/email entry) 3, 7, 14, 21 days after request for free info.  This is known as an autoresponder series.
Each email has a link to the main customer acquisition page selling the main product, or links to other info-products.  An autoresponder series serves to expose your offers several times.  Many marketing studies have shown that a typical prospect needs to be exposed five to seven times before making a purchase.
An autoresponder series can be bundled with a lead generation or lead conversion or customer acquisition package.

Lead Conversion:  This is the major effort of any information marketing business – converting leads to individuals who have purchased a product.
In a complex, ascension-model operation, this customer acquisition process includes building a customer list.  This list is separate from your leads (names of customers are removed from the list of leads).
Customers are sent a different set of emails. These contain links to coaching programs, consultation sessions or other higher priced products and services.

Product Sales Pages:   Your package includes the page that sells a single product, known as a landing page, a fulfillment page with links for your customer to download the items purchased, email text for the receipt (emailed to customer as the transaction is approved).
You can also add email solo ads (emails sent to your list) and sandwich ads you would insert in your newsletters.

Catalogs:  These web pages look like pages in paper catalogs with brief descriptions of the items, photos and list prices.  You can add click-up windows that give a detailed description of each item.  You could include links at each item for the full-length landing page of the products.

Catalogs are useful in marketing to accumulated unconverted leads, which could be 10 times the number of customers or members, offering additional opportunities for revenue.   Perhaps they might bring business if you show them a variety of products and services they might find useful.   Even better, you can offer bundles of goods for a discount compared to purchasing each item separately.

Events:  Bootcamps, seminars, presentations, mass coaching, conferences, etc.  Many marketing companies hold events to their existing and prospective customers.  Events can account for as much as 25% of an information marketer’s revenues.
You Must Allow Ample Lead Time

A minimum of three months in advance of the event date is needed to plan and prepare for the event and to have a copywriter start writing the marketing literature for your event.

Will this be a local area event of will attendees be flying in from all over the continent?  They would need adequate time to make flight and hotel reservations.  An important consideration when scheduling campaigns to market your event.

A typical info-marketer will launch multiple campaigns to sell the event, such as early bird registration, the main campaign, last ditch promotion and recordings of the event.  Here, multiple launches can be bundled as one project or be segmented (broken into parts) during the weeks and months leading to the event.

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