Health and Medical Copywriting

Whether you’re marketing to patients or health care providers, an ‘insider’ in the medical profession would be better qualified to write your promotional literature.

Why choose a medical copywriting specialist?
    A company marketing to physicians and health-care providers would best be served by a writer familiar with medical and pharmaceutical terms and practices. A writer having medical training would have a better understanding of the target audience whether they are patients or practitioners.
More importantly, a medical copywriter would be easier for your marketing department to work with than a typical freelancer. Also, writing medical copy entails researching various topics related to what is marketed. And this involves reading through medical literature.
A general consumer or B2B copywriter would take more time extracting relative facts and ideas from medical journals and periodical literature. A common task in writing medical or pharmaceutical copy is to include  the results of a double-blind clinical trial into the copy in a clear and meaningful manner.
A copywriter not knowledgeable about medical and health care topics would take longer to produce accurate and effective copy, especially if there would be need for a lot of editing and verifying with company staff.

Special Attention to Detail

Writing for the health market requires special attention to detail, since the health industry as a whole is under scrutiny of governmental agencies like the FTC, FDA and the Department of Health and Human Services.  Among some of important tasks of any health market copywriter are:

  • Doing extensive research on what is marketed to assure credibility and accuracy of claims.
  • Expressing credibility to claims by including quotations from reliable resources and testimonials from satisfied customers.
  • Being careful about the use of words like cure, treatment, remedy, relief so as not to include inaccurate and misleading claims.  Such statements would draw attention from the FDA and other government health agencies.
  • Knowledge of the basics of health science, including common diseases for claims to make sense to those among potential customers who are more knowledgeable in the medical field than the typical consumer.
  • Making sure illustrations used in the promo accurately represent any condition or concept in supporting the written copy.

I obtained formal copywriter training from AWAI (American Writers and Artists). My experiences include writing landing pages for information products including several health information products.  I have also written white papers for software and special service companies. Because of my medical training, I can relate well to whatever health providers you are marketing medical equipment or pharmaceuticals to.

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