Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click listings on search engines like Google AdWords and Bing Ads and on social media networks like Facebook ads.  This consists of the ad text itself and keyword lists.

This is what amounts to classified ads on the internet.  They are displayed on ultra-high traffic web sites like search engines and social media sites.

Pay per click listings could be requested as stand-alone orders or bundled as part of a multiple-component promotional package to be used in a marketing campaign.

An example would be a list building campaign package consisting of a squeeze page, a thank-you page, an email with the link to the free information and a ppc text and keywords.

The challenge in PPC is delivering a message that would move interested viewers to click on the ad given the character constraints.

   Character Constraints of Pay Per Click Listings
Google AdWords                       Bing Ads

Title 30                                       Title 25
After the Dash 30                       Body of Listing 71
Body of Listing 80                                        

Typical AdWords Listing
Sandals® Barbados Resort –‎
Ad – – Resort‎

Luxurious Barbados Beach Resorts. Up To 65% Off Ends Soon, Book Now!

Typical Bing Listing
3 Day Cruises 82% Off |
Ad ·

Huge selection of 3 day cruises. Up to 82% off. Book now & save.
Discount Cruises, Last-Minute Cruises, Short Notice Cruises

This requires a lot of experimenting with which phrases and expressions would generate sufficient interest to compel someone to click on the ad.

The other part of the task of developing a ppc ad is coming up with a list of keywords.

Just below is my ppc listing for my white paper writing service

White Paper Specialist – Generate Leads and Interest
Ad –
For B2B and technology marketing. Explain the science behind the solution.

And here below are the keywords which should match search engine queries.

Keyword                        clicks     impressions
white paper writer           128           8,818
white papers                       6              383
B2B Marketing                    1               72
white paper writing              3             635
Technology sales                0                 6

Google and Bing have their own keyword research tools where you can find out which keywords and phrases have generated so many clicks per month.

Sometimes the key phrases are obvious.  For example I have a dedicated web site for white paper writing.  You would naturally use the word combo “white paper writer” and sure enough, white paper writer generated the most clicks during a 30 day period among ten other keyword combos.

You need to monitor your ppc campaign regularly for how many impressions and clicks generated by the keywords you selected.  You might need to add new keywords.  You might also need to experiment with different keywords and key phrases.

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