Sales Letters / Landing Pages

Landing Page Copy

Landing pages are basically long-copy sales letters in the form of a web page.

These pages have a link to an order form where the customer enters purchase information.

Upon approval of the transaction, a “Thank You” page is displayed and a receipt is emailed to the customer.  The page and email may contain download links for soft goods like ebooks.

To view sample landing pages go to Sample Landing Pages.

A squeeze page is a short-form landing page for collecting customer information, namely names and email addresses, often additional information.  These are used for list building and lead generation.

Example of an Opt-In Page or Squeeze Page


Because web site platforms vary considerably from HTML pages to WordPress, Wix, Joomla, etc.

Francis Ardi Copywriting Services are limited to writing copy and content and ad text.

Work is delivered on a MS Word document.  Actual web page development is to be done by your webmaster or web design specialist for your particular web platform.

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